Jumat, 16 Mei 2014


We have a range of staff with different specialisms. 

Didi Rosiyadi, M.Kom - PhD (NTU Taiwan):

Image result for didi rosiyadi lipiArea of expertise: E-Government, Copyright protection,  Watermarking

Yusrila Yeka Kerlooza - M.T (ITB), Dr. (ITB)

Image result for yusrila kerloozaArea of expertise: Real-time Processor. He lead UNIKOM robotic division and has many 1st world championship in robotic competition

Yeffry Handoko Putra, - M.T (ITB), Dr (ITB –Essex, UK Sandwich scheme)

Image result for yeffry handokoArea of expertise: IT Service Management, Mobile Communication, Risk Management

Yasmi Afrizal, M.Kom (UGM), Dr. (UGM)

Area of expertise: IT Project Management,  Decision Support and Knowledge Management

Prof. Estiko Rijanto, M.Eng (TUAT Japan), Dr. Eng.  (TUAT Japan)

Image result for estiko rijantoArea of expertise: Business Intelligent, E-Business

Herman S. Soegoto, M.T (ITB), Dr. (UNPAD)

Image result for herman soegotoArea of expertise: Strategy and Project Management, Business and financial Analysis. He has responsibility in University infrastructure development

Image result for irfan dwiguna nanjingIrfan Dwiguna Sumitra, Candidate PhD (Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology)Area of expertise: Wireless Sensor Network

Geraldi Catur Pamuji, Candidate PhD (Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology)
Geraldi C PamujiArea of expertise: Meteorology Information System, Agile Software Development, Geographic Information System, Mobile computing

Imelda Pangaribuan, M.T (ITB)

Area of expertise: Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management

Irawan Afrianto, M.T (ITB)

Image result for irawan afriantoArea of Expertise: Software Development, Business Model and Customer Behaviour