Minggu, 27 April 2014

How to Apply

We understand that applying for a postgraduate qualification can be different to your undergraduate experience, so we’re here to provide you with the information needed to make your application. If you have any specific questions, then please e-mail us.

How do I apply?

We welcome online applications. Our online application form takes about 20 minutes to complete but you can save and return to it, if you need to.
With your application, you should provide:
  • your personal details;
  • academic qualifications that you already hold or are waiting to complete;
  • English language qualifications (eg IELTS, TOEFL or Pearson); and
  • the name and contact details for two academic or professional referees.

Is there anything else I need to do?

You must also send your ‘supporting documents’ - we can not process your application until these have been received. When you complete your application, you will be advised how to send your supporting documents.

What are my supporting documents?

Your supporting documents should include:
  • two copies of transcripts of your university-level studies to date;
  • two copies of certificate(s) for any degrees or other awards that you completed;
  • two verifiable reference from an academic referee
  • Certified copies of TOEFL with minimum score 475
  • Recent color photographs, size 2x3 cm (2pcs), 3x4 cm (2pcs)
  • A copy of valid ID card (KTP) or passport 

I have a disability. How can you help me?

If you have a disability, then your application will considered against the same academic criteria as other candidates. If you are disabled you should state this on your application form so that early consideration can be given to meeting your accommodation and, where necessary, daily care requirements. Please contact us by e-mail if you would like any further information before applying.