Minggu, 27 April 2014


Pusat Studi Tata Kelola dan Kerangka Kerja Teknologi Informasi 

(Study center of IT Governanance and Framework)

What We Do:

We offer professional advice and support on strategic development, organisational change and capacity-building to non-government, voluntary and other not-for-profit organisations both locally and globally. These services are provided free of charge to clients, covers staff costs, however expense for travel and subsistence may need to be covered by client organisations. This pro bono service is part of the MSI Department's broader commitment to social justice, equality and socially responsible professional development.  

Why We Do It:

PSTK3TI doing  Clinic which is modelled on the established tradition of University legal clinics, which have a tradition of making available the best professional legal expertise who could not normally afford such advice. In the same manner PSTK3TT targets those small non-governmental, and not-for-profit organisations that cannot pay high fees for commercial consultancy advice.    

How We Do It:

Although our members have academic knowledge of many organisational issues, and experience of working with many different organisations, we do not believe that there is a single best-way' to organise. Unlike many commercial consultancies we do not have pre-packaged organisational solutions but work with clients to facilitate their own organisational development and learning, helping them to find the best solution to their problems and, where necessary, helping them to develop the skills necessary to find those solutions. Unlike commercial consultancies, we have no economic interest in developing a long-term dependency relationship with our clients. Our aim is to help organisations to solve their own problems and develop sustainably. This means working together with clients on home-grown solutions. It is our firm conviction that the people working in an organisation are the ones who are best placed, and have the necessary knowledge, to identify and solve their own problems. We work to facilitate and support client organizations' autonomous development and, where possible, to foster links with other organizations to further develop mutual aid, knowledge sharing and competence within sustainable inter-organizational networks.