Minggu, 27 April 2014

Vision, mission and goal

Become excellent postgraduate program , having competitive advantage in global world which had link and match to Information System Industry. Have ability to graduate people with ability in entrepreneurship skill, analytical thinking and expert in Information Standard according to University Philosophy (Tri Dharma)


Administer postgraduate program with mission :
  • in improving quality; excellent in science
  • having global insight and ability in designing IT requirement in order to make good decision in organization and environment
  •  having entrepreneur skill
  • doing research  with concentrate in producing IS modeling, advanced and analyze IT policy, anticipated dynamic environment
  • doing community service as Social Responsibility in Information System area    


  • Having alumnus which capable in problem solving creatively and innovative with PIQIE (Professional, Integrity, Quality, IT oriented and Excellent) culture
  • Having alumnus which capable in renewing knowledge with scientific approach
  • Having alumnus with capable in implementing research result for societies improvement
  • Produce good research and become research center for developing emerging technology

Vision, mission and goal in Indonesia version