Jumat, 05 September 2014

Propose Curriculum Concept for Magister of Information System

According to new regulation from Ministry of Higher Education about New Standard for Master Education described in Permen DIKTI No. 49 Tahun 2014, which one of the clausal stated that the total credit for Master Degree should be 72 sks (sks is unit for credit).
It is not easy to make drastically change from 42 sks to be 72 sks, but the good reason is the additional credit was added to insert publication act into curriculum. So every postgraduate student be encouraged to do publication in reliable journal.

In other side, there also a big change conceptually in making thesis. The thesis usually done first before postgraduate student publishs it in reliable journal, so the concept being held in here is publication by thesis. However the new regulation promote by Ministry of Higher Education has slightly different concept. Dr. Yeffry Handoko as a Head of Department of MSI said the new regulation propose new concept it may be called as  publication by thesis. It mean every postgraduate student should do some publication obviously according to their thesis topic in some national seminar or reliable journal before they are going to defend their thesis. This new concept not barely new, some of PhD student has done this for a long time ago. So it may be said that government has made similar concept or adopt the concept of PhD to be implemented in Master Program.

Some of faculty have anxious that the new regulation will make the time for pursuing master degree become longer than 2 years. Even in new regulation it is written that the time to study in Master Degree may be 1.5 years until 4 years. So their anxiousity become reasonable now. To deal with this reality, Magister of Information System has proposes new Curriculum Concept with note that the finishing education in pursuing master degree will be maintained as before. The figure below depict the new curriculum concept.

This concept are not approved by University yet, it was made to show the new mapping of total credit and lecturing in case University decided to follow new regulation. Nevertheless at least it may be validly done and implemented in 2015 years said Dr. H. Sutiman, M.Si, head of postgraduate administration bureau. Also some policy must be added refer to this new curriculum such as:

  • Postgraduate Student should find promotor in first semester
  • Postgraduate student should allocate their time to publish in second semester, begin with preliminary research
  • The 72 sks it seem not made directly to executive program with lecturing day only scheduled in Friday until Saturday. So for executive program should spend a new time for making research and publication which will influence their education agreement with their company
  • The control for having master degree not merely depended on defending thesis but also depend on their accomplishment in making publication in reliable journal. There are new control from education society, reviewer of journal and company which being as place for data collection